Branch Dojos of the Goshin Budokan USA Shubukan Hombu Martial Arts Center

A Shubukai is a branch dojo of the Shubukan. A martial arts school may offer Shubukan martial arts either as its main course of instruction or in addition to its current courses.

If the martial arts school does not have an official name, it may use Shubukai as its name. If the school already has a name, then it retains its name, though it may still call itself Shubukai.

Each Shubukai receives an 11x17 color Shubukai Branch Dojo Certificate and a Shubukan patch.

Shubukan, upon request, will issue Kyu and Dan certificates for Shubukai's. These certificates will be signed by the Shubukan Dojocho and the Shubukai instructor(s).

Shubukais must agree to hold at least one Shubukan seminar each year in their area either individually or collectively and are financially responsible for seminar payment, all travel, transportation and hotel lodging expenses for the Shubukan Dojocho and/or assistant instructor(s) if needed.

To become a Shubukai the Chief Instructor of the candidate school must submit a one page Instructor Resume, two color passport photos and copies of their most recent martial arts rank promotion certificate. There is a one time Shubukai membership fee of $100.00. Only certified checks in U.S. dollar amounts will be accepted and should be made payable to Goshin Budokan U.S.A.


Shubukai Certificates

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Current Shubukai


Renshi Hunter


Shubukai - Renshi Hunter

Renshi Luckingham


Shubukai - Renshi Luckingham

Renshi Miller


Shubukai - Renshi Miller

Renshi Negron


Shubukai - Renshi Negron

Renshi Ryan


Shubukai - Renshi Ryan


Southwest Shubukai

Shihan Jim P. Jarrell

Headmaster of Goshin Budokai U.S.A.
Shubukai Martial Arts Center
Founder and Headmaster of the Jarrell Ryu Institute Marble Falls, Texas

Shubukai - Shihan Jim P. Jarrell


Past Shubukai

Kyoshi Sensei Ernest "Ernie" C. Hewitt, Jr.

Founder and Dojocho of
the Goshin Budokan U.S.A Sleeping Dragon Judo Club
Biography : HTML | PDF

Shubukai - Kyoshi Sensei Ernest 'Ernie' C. Hewitt, Jr.

Renshi Ralph Darden


Shubukai - Renshi Ralph Darden