Events of Historic Importantance to Shubukan Ryu

Goshin Budokan U.S.A. is Named Shubukan

On the 1st Day of March 2003 a formal ceremony was held at the Goshin Budokan U.S.A. of Moreno Valley, California. As a Shuyokai (Branch Dojo) of The Shuyokan Martial Arts Center, the Goshin Budokan U.S.A. was officially named the Shubukan Martial Arts Center of Moreno Valley, California.

Also on this day, a seminar was held by Sensei Dye and Dojocho Wilkes received the Shubukan Certificate, then he signed and promoted some of his dedicated students, including the promotion of his wife, Sensei Bertha G. Wilkes, to the rank of Ikkyu in the art of Shuyokan Aikido. (Credits: Videography by Shin Namura and Ed Wilkes; Still Photography by Shin Namura and Jeff Walker)

March 1, 2003

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Group Photo Notes: People present at the Dedication Ceremony and Seminar on March 1, 2003:
Standing (left to right): Kevin Chavez, Allison Gore, Bradley Nichols, Dwayne Coverly, Jim Hayes
Kneeling (left to right): Sensei David Dye, Dojocho Ed Wilkes, Sensei Paul Hayes, Sensei Jeff Walker
(Not in photo: Bertha Wilkes and Tyler Nichols)